6 Tips to Take Your Grilling Skills to the Next Level

It’s August, which means we’re right in the midst of grilling season. With Labor Day right around the corner, check out this great list of tips to ensure your next grilling experience is fantastic.

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1. Ditch the tongs

If you’re ever wondering why your meat is so dry when you grill it, the answer may actually be simpler than you think. When you use tongs to flip your meat, you have a higher chance of piercing the meat, which means your steak loses juices and flavor that you’re missing out on. Next time you hit the grill, try using a spatula to maneuver your meat instead of tongs. You’re less likely to pierce it, and therefore more likely to keep it juicy.

2. Tender lovin’

Many people have a tendency to press the burgers with a spatula. This presses out the juices and dries them out. Ever wonder why your burgers shrink into little hockey pucks? Next time, just let your burger rest on the grill and flip them only once. How long should you wait until you flip? Well that depends on the burger density, grill heat and more, so you’re just going to have to feel it out.

3. Kebabing

The position of meat on a kebab can change the entire taste depending on how far apart the pieces are. Having the pieces gently touching each other will make them juicier, but be careful not to cram them too tightly. Pressing them tightly together will result in medium-rare kebabs, and having them spaced slightly further apart will leave them medium-well.

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4. Don’t be salty

Don’t flavor with salt until after the meat is done cooking. Salt absorbs all moisture and will eventually dry out the meat and make it tough. You can keep a spray bottle filled with half lemon juice and half water near your grill, which can help contain flare-ups and also add flavor to what you’re grilling.

5. Grilled fruit is amazing

Grilling fruit is a delicious way to shake things up at your next barbecue. There’s so many options, too, as most fruit tastes amazing on the grill. Grilled peaches make a tasty ice cream topping, and adding brown sugar to a banana while on the grill creates a perfect summer dessert. If you’re not feeling something sweet, you can grill a watermelon. Just add arugula with a balsamic dressing to make a great salad.

6. Save the Sauce

Wait until the last ten or so minutes before adding barbecue sauce. If you add it before that, the sugar in the sauce will char and leave your meat blackened and burned. Yuck!

Do you have any tips or tricks that make your steak the best on the block? Let us know by leaving a comment or finding us on social media!



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