5 Baking Blogs Every Home Baker Needs to See

Do you get most of your recipes from Pinterest? I do, and I spend a lot of my time making sure I don’t get flour on my phone.

(“Christmas bake” by Japanexperterna, via Flickr)

 We are living in the digital age, making it incredibly easy for people to share their own recipes and creations — from pastry chefs to weekend warriors.

So check out the fantastic blogs listed below:

1. Like A Strawberry Milk (Comme Un Fair Fraise)

Fanny Zanotti, a French pastry chef based in London and author of Paris Pastry Club, shares advice and recipes. The blog is a love letter to both the craft and her roots, which is made obvious by the amount of research she puts into her posts and bits of French that find their way into most of the recipes.

2. My Baking Addiction

For all you baking hobbyists, “My Baking Addiction” is run by Jamie Lothridge. Teaching by day and baking by night, she started this blog “as a way to chronicle culinary journey and expand photography skills.” And she’s accomplished so much more — a website with reliable recipes that are never anything short of delicious.

3. The Cake Blog

Founded by Carrie Sellman,  this blog is all about cake, cakes, and more cake! Plus a fair share of cupcake, cookie, and icing recipes ta-boot! With over 100 recipes already posted, Ms. Sellman strives “to make sure brides, party-planning moms and cake lovers everywhere find their perfect cake on The Cake Blog.”

4. Bakerella

First off, let me just say how much I love the name of this blog. That said, Angie (blogger and inventor of cupcake pops!) is more likely the Queen of the Kitchen than she is the princess. She offers dozens of recipes for everything from bite-sized brownies and truffles, to normal-sized cakes, pies, and more. I also must say that her food photography skills are marvelous!

5. Joy the Baker

Joy Wilson has been sharing her recipes, anecdotes and personality since 2008. She’s a self-taught-turned-professional baker whose internet escapades have been met with raging success. Her blog was named the “Best Baking & Desserts Blog” by Saveur in 2013, and she has two published cookbooks including over 200 delectable recipes. Joy is based in New Orleans but connects with people all over the world through her blog.

I would also like to give a shout-out to Suzie Q, her modern retro kitchenware is absolutely gorgeous and a blast to use. Check her out if you’d like a little #retrolove in your kitchen!Suzie_Q_Now_Available

Do you have a favorite cooking or baking blog that isn’t mentioned above? Let us know in the ‘comment’ section or by connecting with us on social media!

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