Suzie Q Wants to Know: What Color is Your Personality?

Today I wanted to talk about all the color schemes of Suzie Q’s nifty kitchenware. Color is a big part of kitchen design–whether it’s a strong apple red theme, delightful blue accents, or monochromatic blends of white, black, and grey.

Vanilla Cream: colander, 4-sided grater, & cutting board

Your home has a personality, one that you’ve worked hard to reflect in cleanliness and decor. Well, Baby, Suzie Q has got something for you!

Streamlined, sparkling and cheerful, these tools harken back to times when the kitchen was filled with beautiful gadgets to love and rely on. Sprinkle some retro style throughout your kitchen with tools that make everyday tasks perfectly marvelous.

-Suzie Q

Apple Red: mini ballon whisk & colander

Vintage is certainly “in” right now, but Suzie Q is so much more than a classic look! I love her kitchenware because the colors can fit effortlessly with any style. Modernized kitchens with clean angles and cold steel invoke feelings of organization, order, and cleanliness. Subtly give your minimalist kitchen a flair of warm charm with Suzie Q’s blacktop line of tools–the painted wood handles give them that unique charm not found in plastics.

Blacktop: hourglass timer, measuring spoon set, & measuring cup set

Or, sprinkle a touch of color with the seaside blue tools.SQ_SweetPotato_Web_1296x971_LS

How about the mint green? Little accents of color do wonders for a modern monochrome kitchen.

Mint: wood handle bottle opener & ice cream spade

Post your favorite color pick to our Facebook page. We gave one lucky fan a free seaside blue whisk just for connecting with us. You could be next!
So ask yourself: what is my kitchen’s personality? (click the pic to go to


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