It’s Bakelicious!

Looking to make baking even more fun? Look no further… It’s Bakelicious!

We’re going back to our cookie-cutter roots to make baking easier and more fun for everyone. Think back to when you were a kid, when you’d be allowed to crack the egg but not to use the whisk. Bakelicious is going to change that. We are the people who let kids stir the mix themselves. In fact, we even have something specifically for that: the Cupcaker. More fun. No mess.

Need to carry thirty-something homemade cupcakes to a party and look good doing it? Our Cupcake Cartons won’t mess up the icing. Really. We’re innovating baking–to make you smile.Bakelicious-Blue-Cupcake-Carton

All Bakelicious products are colorful, kid-friendly and adorable. Baking should be fun and convenient for everybody. From the icing-swirl handles on our bakers tools to the Nesting Mixing Bowls, we’ve replaced the mess in baking with good clean fun.

Bake. Eat. And Smile with us:
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