“Nice to Meet You, Daddy-O.” -Suzie Q

Retro. Modern. Colorful. Streamlined. Fun. Nostalgic… These all describe Fox Run Brands’ newest addition to the family, Suzie Q.Suzie Q-Logo

And we can’t wait for you to meet her.

Suzie Q is the first brand designed and developed solely by Fox Run Brands. Our first entirely in-house baby, and brain-child of Senior Industrial Designer Jenn Tuetken. Suzie Q is a fresh face on the kitchenware scene–a classic beauty, sweet and welcoming, with an iconic style from before digital media, or social media, or email, or texting. That’s not to say she’s outdated. On the contrary, Suzie Q is modern, intelligent and independent at her core. Suzie Q blends retro aesthetics with modern practicality. And to be honest, a well-thought streamlined splash of color would do very well in most modern kitchens.

These days everyone is looking back to see what they can find to bring some individuality to the minimalistic monotony of the technological age. No longer is everything just shades of black, white, or grey. Color is back, baby! Just look at Beats By Dre Headphones or modern sneakers, the come back of 70’s-80’s fashion accents, or Macklemore‘s insanely popular song “Thrift Shop” (which will now be stuck in my head the rest of the day).

Suzie Q was born from a desire to brighten the modern kitchen with colorful, iconic designs that breathe individuality. I’m sure your slick kitchen looks cool with its minimalist angles and clean monotone surface areas. But does it ever feel cold? Does it ever feel like it lacks the comfort of your mother’s homey kitchen? I promise you, just a touch of warmth will go a long way.

Remember, kiddo, “home is where the heart is.”Suzie-Q-Measuring Cups

The Suzie Q line of kitchen tools combine modern technology with the warmth and fuzzy feelings of homeyness. The modern innovation is in their function. The iconic design is in the details. Our Senior Industrial Designer is most proud of the Ice-cream Spade and the Measuring Cups. The spade immediately invokes feelings of nostalgia, yet it is unlike any other in that there is a small lip on the underside to prevent it from wobbling on the table. Small details like these showcase the quality of craftsmanship. The measuring cups are perfectly weighted and feel great in the hand. Their wooden handles are something you’ve probably never seen before on a measuring cup, and it gives them an undeniable feeling of value that you won’t get from cheap plastic or thin steel. It’s the little things, the extra thoughts and care for your peace of mind that make them special.

Fox Run Brands is certain you’ll love Suzie Q. It’s hard not to.

The initial launch of Suzie Q will feature kitchen tools guaranteed to bring some heart into your kitchen.

Check her out on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter (@SuzieQRetro)!


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