Fox Run Brands Celebrates 20 Years in Canada!

Fox Run Brands, a leading supplier of quality kitchenware, bakeware, grillware and more is celebrating its 20th year in Canada. Fox Run started as a North American cookie cutter manufacturer over 40 years ago (see “It All Started 40 Years Ago) and has grown to include more than 3,000 products for the home.

Today, with headquarters in Canada, the United States, and China, Fox Run Brands’ success continues to mount. Fox Run Canada sets the bar with 42 recognizable brands marketing fresh, quality products.

Founder and CEO Sean Leonard says, “Fox Run Canada’s 20th anniversary is a tremendous milestone. In two decades we’ve introduced incredible innovation to the industry with no signs of slowing down. This year alone we’re launching two new brands, Jarware and Suzie Q, which were both developed in-house. We’re proud of our drive and forward momentum, of our ceaseless creativity, and of our top-tier professionals at Fox Run Canada.”  Fox-Run-Brands-Celebration-Anniversary

Fox Run Brands looks forward to continuing its culture of collaboration, driving innovation, and quality craftsmanship. The company strives for growth, both as a leading international supplier and in the people to whom they owe their success.

Sean Leonard adds, “To Fox Run Canada’s employees and customers, thank you for two decades of achievements. Thank you for your dedication and loyalty to our commitment of achieving excellence. We’ve done fantastic things together, and I can’t wait to see our triumphs to come.”Fox-Run-Brands-Celebration-Anniversary

A big thank you to all of our employees in Canada who have helped us reach this milestone. Without your hard work and dedication, our success would not be possible. Cheers to the future! We look forward to celebrating future wins and milestones with you!

Founded 40 years ago as a manufacturer of cookie cutters, Fox Run Brands is a multi-brand company with one of the broadest product lines for the kitchen in the industry. Fox Run Brands is headquartered in Ivyland, Pennsylvania but also has operations in Toronto, Canada and Shanghai, China.


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