Look Out World — We’re #RaisingTheJar

Calling all Mason jar lovers! Calling all upcyclers! Calling all reusers, savers, and innovators!

Jarware is a fresh new brand, designed in-house, for re-purposing your iconic Mason or Ball jars. Jarware was created with affordable fun in mind. We love the rustic feel of a jar and the endless DIY possibilities (painted jars, recipe jars, cocktail jars, little terrarium jars, jar lights–the list goes on). So, we said “Let’s take this jar culture up a notch!” And Jarware was born:

mason-jar-accessories-jarwareThese “jar upgrades” are easy to use, affordable for everyone, completely practical in function, and are just fun to own.

If you like re-purposing as much as we do, you’ll absolutely love Jarware. Tell a friend, tell your mom & dad–tell them they can use that jar to keep their herbs fresh (Herb Saver), or mix a drink (Cocktail Shaker), or infuse their water with fresh fruit or tea (Fruit Infusion Lid & Tea Infuser). Tell them we are #RaisingTheJar.

We want your feedback and ideas!

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